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Little Spot!

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Are you looking to have a fun and creative activity at your next party?  Zigzag Zebra "On-the-Go" is here to help!
Party with the Zigzag Zebra!

Party Package:
 $400 (up to 10 guests)
$25 each additional guest​

2 hours total time: 
30 minutes set-up
1-hour painting activity
30 minutes clean-up

Included in your party package:
*One 9 x12" canvas per guest, easels, smocks, paint, brushes & any other embellishments as needed.

Your ZZZ Team:
* Guides the painting activity as your artists add their own creative "flair" to their masterpieces.
*Traces the finishing outlines to each canvas.
*Adds embellishments as need for each canvas.
*Sets-up and cleans-up the painting activity.
(Host sets-up tables and chairs prior to our arrival)

The party host provides:
Location, tables, table covers and chairs.
We will need access to water and an electrical outlet.

​The birthday child will select the painting ahead of time. We will pre-trace the canvases and all guests will create the same painting.