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What is The Zigzag Zebra?
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My name is Maylene Medina and the Zigzag Zebra is my happy little art studio. Eighteen years ago, I began my teaching career. I taught kindergarten and first graders for seven years...enjoying their little hands, big voices and giant ideas. Then, I jumped into the world of art and found myself teaching to hundreds of kids each week. After seeing the joy art brought to my students, I immediately knew that I wanted to reach even more children. I opened the ZZZ and have now shared my love of art with thousands of kids over the last six years!

Step into my art studio for a day and you are sure to see splattered floors, silly subjects, colorful creations, chatty kids and a teacher who loves every minute of it. The Zigzag Zebra is my wonderful adventure into the world of art. It's not a place where we create perfect pictures or follow step-by-step instructions. It's a place where we make mistakes, laugh out loud, get messy and create some really cool projects. I hope you will come visit my happy little art studio and discover how fun art can be.